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17 August 2012 @ 12:16 am
the rock star  
Blog Entry #2
Jeri Guevara

In Memoriam: Justin Gamboa

Where does the time go?

I don’t know

It’s movin’ underneath me

Like I’m moving in slow-motion

I reach out though

It passes too quick to see me

-         Time Go, Caught A Ghost

Justin Gamboa was synonymous to carefree.



The first time I met Justin – a month ago – he was confident. He had no qualms with talking to new people. I remembered him – the guy with the messily spiked hair and loopy smile, in his pink v-neck shirt (his favourite, according to his friends anyway – they’ve seen him in that shirt more times than they could count, they're not sure if he ever noticed) – he had volunteered himself as the beadle.

Justin had subjected himself to arduous tasks, but he took them in stride. When he was given a job, he’d smile and then pretended to just screw this, but by the end of the day, he’d have done it with sincerity. He was a guy of words and action.

Justin was a rock star – as they were very fond of labelling him. He was a guy with a diverse taste for music, but he generally stuck with his British rock genre. From Josh Groban, Regina Spector, Oaisis, and Bob Dylan to Guns N’ Roses and Def Leppard, his CD rack couldn’t even fit his collection. Give him a mike and he’d make out with it – that’s how passionate he was about music.

Justin, for all his faults, was an amazing little brother. He was the sixth out of the eight children. Of course, war and violence is natural because boys will be boys and affection is a foreign concept to them. Kicking butts and taking names was the name of the game between him and his siblings – mostly in NBA 2K12. But no matter how many summersaults, 360s, jabs and straight punches he had given them, he was a loving and devoted brother.

Justin was a good son. Even with the rock star front, he was a sweet heart to his parents. They'd bond over dinner or during jogs. He never failed to show them his gratitude and love – even with just a simple vocal declaration or a random text. He would’ve had denied this though; he liked to maintain the badass guise.

Justin was a paradox – a coin with more than two sides. He seemed black and white superficially, but when you really look (past his actions, his words and demeanour), he was more than face value and rock star frontman. He was a complex boy with a kind soul inside.

    Justin – a remarkable student, an exciting friend and an even enjoyable brother, but most of all, a great son – was just seventeen when his world was consumed by flames. The lad never got a chance at a full, thriving and prosperous life.
      Seventeen years in this world were too short to be able to live, but Justin lived pretty good, all things considered.

      Time may have passed Justin by, but people loved him all the same.

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