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Jeri Guevara
17 August 2012 @ 12:16 am
Blog Entry #2
Jeri Guevara

Justin Gamboa was synonymous to carefree.Collapse )

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Jeri Guevara
17 August 2012 @ 12:09 am
Blog Entry # 1
Jeri Guevara
EN 11

I owed English a lot.Collapse )
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Jeri Guevara
30 June 2012 @ 09:55 am
I'm sorry  for the absurdity that is my first eng11 essay.

I was panicking hahahahahaha.
Jeri Guevara
28 June 2012 @ 10:00 pm
Can anyone of you even understand my many feelings for Suits?

For Mike? (For the little boy wearing a loose suit which is a few sizes bigger, for the bong-using, weed-sniffing genius who failed in life?)

For Harvey? (For the man whose emotions had been rusted by work or experience or...? For the lawfully righteous but morally indifferent lawyer who doesn't go out of bounds to win?)

For the chemistry between them?

I mean okay, sure, it was more of a working relationship (of boss and underling) rather than a bromantic one during the first few episodes, but it had grown into so much more as the series went on. It flourished.

It's beautiful.

Every time I put on the Suits DVD (arghh... aye aye capt'n; I'm waiting for the original boxset okay, don't judge) and watch the series unfold (again and again and again), I find myself craving even more for the dangerous relationship and secrets between them.

It's very thrilling, actually - watching them discover the dynamics between them while they keep on burying deeper the skeleton inside a too-small box, waiting for it to shatter and explode.

Harvey and Mike both know the repercussions of their game. It's a flimsy lie and an even weaker promise, but they played anyway. They did not only gambled with the firm, but the whole legal system; they could lose everything and they know it.

Mike trusts Harvey enough to entrust him with his work - his life. He is assured that Harvey won't let him down because Harvey never lets anyone down.  Harvey, despite everything - every let down, every mistake - trusted Mike enough to lay his work - his life - down for him. For Mike. For Mike, he'd give up his career, his passion (?), his... Circumstances may have prevented him from being laid off from work, but his words said volumes. Harvey was willingly and readily giving up everything for Mike and he chose him over Jessica, the woman who he owed everything to.

Their blind faith to each other - it's an ugly, vicious drug.

But it's captivating anyway.

See the money wanna stay, for your meal
Get another piece of pie, for your wife
Everybody wanna know, how it feel
Everybody wanna see, what it's like
Baby wanna be a queen, well alright
We all deserve the finer things, in this life

- Ima Robot // Greenback Boogie
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Jeri Guevara
14 June 2012 @ 09:37 pm
Hi. I'm Jeri Guevara.

I've had an LJ account before, but it's lost to the world.

And as a requirement, I created this new blog. 

I'm mostly on Tumblr though... but who knows? I might explore the countles possibilities and use this very often.

TUMBLR: figure8andcircles.tumblr.com